So you like competitions, do ya?

Here’s what we’ve got.

Big Ball Volleyball

We’ve got this ball that’s four feet in diameter. It’s like a beach ball on steroids. This isn’t your typical bump, set, spike; this is more like bump, set, SPLAT. Guys who go up to spike this ball get spiked back—drilled into the ground like a human golf-tee.

Big Ball Basketball

Then we’ve got basketball with the same four-foot ball. This is no five-on-five; it’s more like 40-on-40, 50-on-50 all on the same court at the same time—maybe even more. This ball’s so big, not even Lebron James could slam dunk this ball.

Spoke Tackle

This has been nicknamed “America’s Roughest Race” because in this race just about anything goes. If someone gets in your way, just give them a shove—they’re not in your way anymore! It makes football look like synchronized swimming with your grandma.

Tug of War

Over a mudpit

This is Wendy’s Frosty consistency mud, but it doesn’t taste anything like it. What we typically recommend is to invite out your ex, put them on the other team, drag them through the mud—they’ll come out looking like a Hershey’s Kiss with eyeballs.

Two Teams

Free Food

Each night will offer delicious food provided entirely by the sponsoring church. Won’t cost you a dime!

Comedy Sketch

Each night will feature different comedy sketches designed to make you laugh out loud.

Team Spirit

In addition, each night will provide the opportunity to scream loud, be crazy, and have an awesome time!

Bible Preaching

Hear how Jesus offers forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Though most of the night is competition, we will dedicate 25-30 minutes to show you how you can know 100% for sure that you are on your way to heaven.

When and Where?

Feb 17-19, 2018


Bethel Baptist Church

11040 E Escalante Rd

Tucson, AZ

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Recent Highlights

Congrats to Navy for becoming the 2017 Somerville champs! Use those bragging rights!

Somerville Cheering Contest, Round 2! Vote for a team in the comments to get them 20,000 points! Deadline 4pm.

Come support your team tonight! Night 2 starts in an hour!

Meet the Team

Evangelist Bobby Bosler

& Family (Abi, David, Eva)


Where else will we be?

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